Adding Collections

Most of the collections in the database come from the JAPM guide. We will enter these first, so that staff doing data entry can select them from the drop down menu.

Naming a Collection

Because the dropdown box is not very wide, it can be difficult to discern between collections with similar names (ex. Jane Addams Papers, Swarthmore Peace Collection and Jane Addams Papers, Smith College). To make it simpler (I hope!) we have added an abbreviation to the front of the name which should make it easier to identify the correct collection.

If an archival collection is called the Henry Carter Addams Papers, our title for it would be:

HCAP Henry Carter Addams Papers

But we also want to identify the archive that houses the Addams Papers, which is the Michigan Historical Collections, Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan. Here, rather than create our own code, we will look it up in the NUCMC (National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections).

Search here:

Note that the case matters in these abbreviations.

In this case, MiUH is the abbreviation for the Michgan Historical Collection.

So the complete abbreviation for the Henry Carter Addams Papers should be:

HCAP-MiUH - Henry Carter Addams Papers

Adding an Archive

The archive or library is the larger institution that you obtain the collection from. These are called parent collections in Omeka parlance. Creating the title for an archive is done the same way as we did it with the collection, save that we are talking about a bigger unit.

In the example above, the Michigan Historical Collections, University of Michigan would be rendered as:

MiU-H - Michigan Historical Collections, University of Michigan.


Sometimes, the name of the archive or the name of the archival collection has changed since the JAPM was filmed. In the case of the parent collection, indicate the name used in the JAPM in parenthesis:

IHi - Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum (formerly Illinois State Historical Library).

Women's Library @ LSE (formerly Fawcett Library).

If it is the collection, many times the collection has been processed with a different name. Here, use the current collection's name, but add a second title, with the JAPM version.

EBHC-CSmH - Elizabeth Boynston Harbert Papers

E. B. Harbert Collection (JAPM)

That will make it easier for students to ensure that they are selecting the correct collection, and it will enable researchers who want to consult the papers the updated name of the collection.

If you cannot verify a collection that comes from the JAPM, just enter it as it is rendered and we will contact the archive for more information.

If you think there is an error in the JAPM, write it down in the log and we will verify the information once the film is digitized.

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