Adding Organizations

Most of the data about the organization will be added in Item Type Metadata.

Dublin Core

Enter the Title of the identification as the organization's name.
If the organization changed names over time, add multiple titles to reflect the main ones.

Item Type Metadata

Select the "Organization" type to open up the fields used to identify organizations.

Enter the Founding date
Enter the Ending date
Enter the Biographical Text
Enter the Bibliography
Enter the Rightsholder


If you are just entering the organization's name and no research has been done:

Enter "Incomplete" in the metadata status
Enter "Pending" in the research status


Add a rights-free image of the organization's logo if you can find one. If it changed over time, use the one closest to the dates of our documents. If you cannot find a logo but can find a photograph of the group or action shot of its activities, use that. Be sure to add the citation for the image in the Dublin Core tab sources field.


Add tags that help define the organization's interests.

Item Relations

As you conduct research on the organization, check to see whether any of the officers, members, or founders are in our digital edition. If so, edit their items to make them a "member of" your organization, if they are not already entered.


Add a location best associated with the organization.

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