Entering People

Most of the data about the person will be added in Item Type Metadata tabs, rather than the Dublin Core tabs.

When we add people, we are adding real human beings, even if we do not know their names. We are not including fictional characters— Hamlet, Anna Karenina, etc. and doing biographical entries on them.

Dublin Core

Enter the Title of the identification as the person's name.

Item Type Metadata

Select the "Person" type to open up the fields used to identify people.

Enter the Birth date
Enter the Birth place
Enter the Death date
Enter the Occupation
Enter the Biographical Text
Enter the Bibliography
Enter the Rightsholder


If you are just entering the basic preliminary information, such as name, dates, and first appears, and no additional research has been done:

Enter "Incomplete" in the metadata status
Enter "Pending" in the research status


Add a rights-free image of the person using the files tab. Try to get one close to the date that they associated with Addams if there are a number of choices. If you think you found a better image than the one we have, add it as an additional file.

Here are some places where you might find rights-free images:

You can also use Google searches; but do not just clip things that you find on the web. We need to cite the source of the image in the source field and it should not be from a random website.

Every image needs to have an entry in the Dublin Core source-field that provides information about its source.

Dos and Donts

  • Don't write the year and place where someone was born in the description; that information is in the other metadata fields and it does not need to be repeated. If a person was born outside the US and later emigrated, you can indicate the year they came to the US.
  • Don't mention the parents or siblings unless they are significant, either famous people or related to other people in our edition.
  • Don't spell out all the children's full names; first names are fine. Also, don't write "They had no children." it is self-explanatory.
  • Do include marriage years; it is one of the things that we always record. Spend the time in Ancestry or the newspapers to find it.
  • Don't put the marriage and children in the same sentence.
  • Do insure that you have put all relevant places on the map.
  • Do cite the image you added (Dublin Core tab under sources). We cannot use them if you do not cite them.
  • Do check your biography for style, especially verb tenses.
  • Do write the paragraph on the person's relationship with Addams (by scanning the documents and summarizing what you can) if they have 15 or more item relations (to/from)
  • Don't write extremely long biographies of people that are only mentioned once or twice. Especially the famous ones— the more famous a person is, the shorter their bio needs to be.
  • Don't editorialize about the person. It is not our place to have opinions on them, just describe their lives.


Add tags that help define the person's interests.

Item Relations

As you complete the biography, you may find that the person was a member of organizations that we are profiling. Take the time to add the item-relations

  • Member of for organizations that are already in the system. Do not enter new organizations, just because the person was a member of them.
    • Hull-House (for those who were residents or worked there)
    • Progressive Party
    • Democratic Party (for politicians who ran on ticket)
    • Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
  • Participated in for events that the person took part in. Again these should already be in the system.
    • Ford Peace Ship
    • World War I (soldiers, officers)
    • Conferences


Add a locations best associated with the person. Always add the most complete address possible (street address not just city).


If the author or recipient is "Unknown", ie, has purposefully or accidentally left their name off of a document and there are no clues that would help us establish their identity, enter them as "Unknown" in the creator field. Do not add an Item Relation for them.


In instances where there is some information, but we cannot figure out who the person is. (ex. Marcet's friend John), enter them as "Unknown" in the Creator field but do create an Item Relation for "Uunknown (Marcet's friend John)". If after research, we can't identify them, then we will remove the entry.

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