Adding Transcripts to the Omeka Site

You can either create your transcriptions using a wordprocessing program, or type them directly into the Omeka digital edition. If you are using a wordprocessing program, you will need to add the transcription to the Omeka record once you have completed it.

Login to the Omeka site

If you can't remember your username or password, let Cathy know and she will reset them.

Finding your documents

If you were assigned specific documents to transcribe

Use the search box in the upper right to locate your document. The easiest way is to search for the identifier (the JAPM number) and click on the three dots next to the search icon to select "Exact Match.

Enter the full JAPM frame number, i.e. JAPM-04-1515 and click on the search icon.

You should see the document returned below. If it is not there, check the frame number or try searching for the document title (ex. "Jane Addams to Richard T. Ely, September 14, 1904") or any portion of it. If you cannot find it, let Cathy know and we will figure it out.

If you just want to transcribe any document that needs it:

Go to the Items tab and open Search Items. Select "Transcription Status" from the field list (It is under Monitor, at the end of the drop down). Then select "contains" and Type in "Pending." If you press search now, you will get a list of all untranscribed documents.

You can narrow the selections further by adding other fields and criteria. You can add the "Transcription Difficulty" field and choose from between Easy, Medium, and Difficult.


You can add another criteria, like documents written in a specific year (Date contains "1903"), or documents written by a specific author (Creator contains "Hamilton, Alice")

Editing the document

Click on the document from the search results. You'll see the metadata and thumbnails of the images.

Press the Green EDIT button on the right side of the screen to open the record for editing.

There are a series of tabs along the top and you will have to use three.

Dublin Core

This is the default tab that is open at the start.

Scroll down to the Contributor field and click the "Add Input" button to open a new data entry window.

Select your name to add it to the record. If your name is already there (you entered the document or are making corrections to info that you already saved, don't bother adding it again.)

Glance at the Description and if you can make it more accurate, edit it to do so. They were created by scanning the contents of the un-transcribed document, and you probably have a better handle on the document's contents.

Item Type Metadata

Click on this tab to open the transcription window.

Scroll to the Text field.

Click the Use HTML button at the bottom of the field.

Cut and paste your transcription from Word or whatever program you were using into the transcription box.

Look it over to make sure the formatting carried through. (If you forget to click the Use HTML button, it usually doesn't).


Click on the Monitor tab to update the status of the document.

Scroll to Transcription Status, and change the entry from "Pending" to "Completed"

Saving the Record

Once you have made these changes, press the Green "Save this Record" button on the right side.

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