Chronology Research

While we are searching newspapers for documents and entering information about documents in the digital edition, we are coming across information about what Jane Addams did on a daily basis. Gathering that information helps us to date and to conduct research for our annotations and will be another resource that our users can explore on our website.

When you come across an event, enter it in the Google Fusion table.

Fusion Table


This looks like a spreadsheet, but has a location field that will evaluate the geographical information that you enter and covert it to a map coordinate. When you click on the Map tab, you will see the data displayed geographically. If it does not have the moc.liamg|jncrppaj#moc.liamg|jncrppaj account displayed in the upper right corner, click sign in, and sign in using that account and password.

You need to use Google Chrome to work on the table. I find it easy to keep that window minimized and pull it up when you need it and want to enter information.

You can toggle between the map and table view of the data by clicking on the "map" and "row" views.

To add a new item, click the "Edit" tab and then "add row." If you are adding multiple events, when you save, select "Save and add another" to keep in the editing screen.

To edit an item, either scan the table (it should be organized by date), or use the "filter" to search using a field. For example if you are looking for dates Addams was in New Orleans, filter it by location and type "New Orleans" and only records with that information will appear. Click the X next to your filter to close it and go back to all the records.

Data Entry

There are only a few fields to work with.

Add as complete a date to the entry as you can—but if you only have the month or the year, just enter that.
Add a description of what happened. You can abbreviate Jane Addams as JA to simplify the entry. Try to provide detail — if you can get the title of her speech, the group or people she met with, where she traveled. That way searches will be richer.
Add the most detailed address you can. If you know Addams was a Hull-House, add 800 S. Halsted Ave., Chicago, IL. If you know she was at the Fine Arts Building in Chicago, look it up on Wikipedia or another web-based resource (Google books is good for old directories, etc.) and add it if possible. Do not spend more than 10 minutes trying to get the address if you have the city.
If this fact is related to a document in the digital edition, add the id number for now — later we will add the URL of the public link.
For speeches and other documents, check to see whether we have it. If we don't, add an N. If it is a description of a speech in a newspaper, we will want to consider including it in the digital edition.

When not to add an event.

If you don't have a place or a date, don't add it—we do not know enough to make it useful. If all we know is that Addams was in Chicago that day, don't add it. We don't need to put in thousands of "JA at Hull House" they will just clog up the data and the map. If we know that she met a specific person there, do add it because we can use that research to help with annotation.

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