This field is required for documents.

Multiple creators can be assigned to a document if:

  • two or more people sign a letter
  • a person writes on behalf of an organization
  • a secretary writes on behalf of another person

In those cases, use the plus icon to enter a second name. Do not hit the return and add the additional names in the same field.

Enter the name of the creator, last name, first name, middle name.

Organizations can be creators if:

  • there is no signature on the letter, just the organization name
  • the business of the letter is from or with the organization, rather than with the individual.

Ex. a person writes as the Secretary of the WILPF about WILPF business.

  • Jane Addams may write all her letters on Hull-House letterhead, but that does not mean that all of them were written on behalf of Hull-House. Look at the content of the letter to determine whether an additional creator should be added.


Addams, Jane

Roosevelt, Theodore

Bowen, Louise Koven

Johnston, Mrs. Dwight E.

Progressive Party of America

In the Creator field, always use the most complete name available, regardless of the marital status at the time of the document's creation. For example, although Irene was married in 1910, we will use her full, married name in the Creator field to keep consistency:

Andrews, Irene Osgood


If the author or recipient is "Unknown", ie, has purposefully or accidentally left their name off of a document, they would be automatically unknown. If the author is unknown, enter them as "Unknown" in the creator field. Do not add an Item Relation for them.

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