DATE field

This field is required for documents.

The format should be YYYY-MM-DD. If you do not have a complete date, enter the portion that you have. Do not use brackets on dates in this field






Use the portion of the title that has date information to indicate other kinds of partial dates:

  • circa 1906
  • before 1906
  • after 1906
  • Summer 1906

If the document has no date that you can discern, leave the field blank.

Multiple dates can be added for documents if they:

  • were written over the course of several days
  • are from a journal with two months (Sept.-Oct. issue)
  • are a published speech, in which one date should be the date the speech was given, and the second date should be the date the speech was published, if we have a copy of the speech from a newspaper or journal
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