Deathdate Field

Death date (People)

The date should be entered in reverse format, YYYY-MM-DD so that it can be easily sorted. You may only know the year or part of the date, put in what you know and if you need to make a comment, put it in the Administrative note.





If the person died betwen 1962 and a year ago, and is an American, they will likely have a record in the Social Security Death Index. This database doesn't provide a lot of information, so you often need to ensure that the person is the right one by also consulting the census.

Obituaries are a great source for details about a death, and you can search Ramapo's databases for obituaries (must be recent-mid-1990s or later), or use

  • - we have a subscription
  • Proquest Historical Newspapers - major newspapers in US and a few countries.
  • Family - genealogy site that has more of us "ordinary" people.
  • - census records, immigration, travel for millions of people, some outside the US.

Do pay attention when using obituaries, that the date of the article is not necessarily the date of the death. Look for clues, like, "died Tuesday" or "died today" on an article that has a dateline.

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