Files are the images attached to metadata records.

For Documents the are the scanned images of the pages.

For People it is a rights-free image of the indvidual.

For Organizations it is a logo or rights-free photograph of the organization in action

For Places it is a rights-free photograph of the building or other location.

For Events it is a rights-free photograph from the event.

Multiple Images

We can attach multiple images to an item, but make sure that there is some benefit to doing so. For example, attaching four posed photographs of Theodore Roosevelt in 1912 is unnecessary; but three photographs of Hull-House from different directions or at different times would be useful.


If there is an image of an envelope, you should add it as the last frame of a document. It won't be transcribed, but we will include the image.

Obtaining Images

Documents Documents that were filmed have been digitized, with the reel and frame number serving as the file name. You can upload the correct files from the shared directory.

Identifications For identifications, we need to locate an image, and secure the rights to include it. Whenever possible, search rights-free databases for images—

Citing Images

When we have included an image in the identification or a person, place, organization, or event, add a second rights field that indicates where the photograph comes from.


1911 image of Jane Addams and Elizabeth Burke courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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