Find Topics

Finding people, organizations and events that need to be researched is done within the Omeka dashboard. We have a system that tracks the research status of each topic and who it is assigned to (if anyone).

1) Use the Search Items button (click the Item tab and then look at the top of the list of items)

2) Choose Narrow by Specific field, and select the Research Status field (it is way down on the dropdown list under Monitor). Then select "contains" in the next tab, and type "Pending" in the text box.


3) Either add more criteria, or Press the Search for Items button to get a list of items that need to be researched.

Adding Criteria


You can choose to research People, Organizations or Events by selecting those collections from the dropdown.


If you want to research a related bunch of people or organizations, use a tag to get a more focused list.

For example, you could select a group of politicians by choosing People and the Politics tag, or a group of Settlement Houses by choosing Organizations and the Settlements tag.


Assigning Research

To keep people from accidentally working on the same topics, if you want to take on one of the topics, assign it to yourself.

Edit the item and go to the Monitor tab.

Find the Research Status field and change the status to "Assigned" in the drop down box.
Right below it, in Research Assigned, select your name from the drop down box.


Save the record.

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