The Map field pins the documents and identifications on a Google Map.

Always add the most accurate geographical information that you can, a street address instead of just a city, a city, instead of just a country. You do not have to enter a zip code. Spell out words like North, South, etc. Use the two letter abbreviation for states.

800 South Halsted Street, Chicago, IL
154 West 34th Street, New York, NY

The map defaults to plopping a pin in the center of a country or city if nothing more specific is provided.

Add a definition of what the address refers to:

  • Born in (people)
  • Given in (ex. speeches)
  • Lived in (people)
  • Located in (organizations, events)
  • Written from (documents)

The field is not required, but suggested whenever there is a place of origin. Most letters, speeches, diary entries, have a place where they were written.

Note that articles published in journals should not be assigned the journal location.
If you don't have any indication that it was written at Hull-House, don't just add it.

Reports by organizations should have the organization's address entered.

Minutes of meetings should have the specific meeting place entered.


Documents written on board a ship
Use the location where the ship was set to dock on the map, and add an editor's note indicating that the person was traveling:

Written on board the S. S. Kensington, en route from Canada to France.

Some Addresses

  • Hotel Manhattan, New York, NY ( Madison and 42nd St., New York, NY)


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