Item-Type Metadata


All of our documents, unless they are purely graphics, like a photograph, are entered as "Text."

This should open up a screen with three fields:

  • Item Type: This will be "Text" for everything that has writing. If you have an enclosed photograph, you can choose "Still Image."
  • Text: This is where you enter or paste the transcription. You can use the formatting buttons to make sure it is looking the way you want. You can use the HTML button to create some special formatting.
  • Original Format: This is where you describe what the original item was. Not the digital file or the microfilm. Note that "autograph" means handwritten, and "published" means printed in a paper, journal, or as a broadsheet. Choose from:
    • Autographed Letter
    • Autographed Letter, Copy
    • Autographed Letter, Signed
    • Autographed Document
    • Autographed Document
    • Typed Letter
    • Typed Letter, Carbon Copy
    • Typed Letter, Signed
    • Typed Document
    • Typed Document Signed
    • Published Letter
    • Published Letter, Signed
    • Published Document
    • Published Document, Signed


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