Multiple Documents on One Page

In some instances more than one document can appear on the same page. These distinct documents have different metadata, a different author or recipient, date or subjects. So they need to be distinct.

A reply written at the bottom of the incoming letter.

Create two records, one for each document, and create an Editors Note that indicates which document (top or bottom) is being described in this record. If the other document is not a response or draft, then use the Item Relation "related to" to connect the two documents back together.

A telegram that is quoted in full inside a letter.

Create two records, one for the whole document, and the other for the telegram alone. Usually we snip the telegram text out of this document for that second record. The telegram will be "Enclosed in" the parent letter.

A note written on top of a document that sends it to another person.

Treat this the same as a telegram above.

A newspaper article that includes one or more transcribed letters.

If an Addams document is published as part of a newspaper article, we title the document as the Addams document would be (ex. Jane Addams to John Huntoon and transcribe the relevant portions of the newspaper article — both the Addams document and any portion of the article that provides context for the letter. If the article has portions before or after the letter that are not relevant to the context of the letter—providing the topic which Addams was responding to, or discussion of the impact of the letter, you can leave it out.

There are some rare cases where multiple Addams documents are included in one newspaper article (see Statement on Henry Leunker, October 29, 1913 which also included a transcript of a letter written in September. These should each go in as a separate Addams document. (Henry Leunker to Jane Addams, Sept. 16, 1913 In this case, because the whole clipping was transcribed in the Statement, only the letter was transcribed in the Leunker doc.

In some cases it will make more sense to cut the letter out of the larger document.

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