An individual's name is entered as the Title of the identification. Before you add a new name to the edition, check to make sure that it is not already in the database.

If you have more detail on the name than is in the edition, edit the name to make it as full a name as you can, adding middle names, maiden names, married names etc.

The format is last name, first name middle names, with the birth and death years in parenthesis if you can find them.


Fawcett, Millicent Garrett (1847-1929)
Kellor, Frances Alice (1873-1952)

Researching Names

Web searches are a good start for this kind of research, and encyclopedias like Wikipedia have a lot of research that is easy to access. But these kinds of sources won't have information on less well-known people and they can contain erroneous information. It is a good place to start, but we want to confirm the names that we are providing if possible.


  • Wikipedia -they need to have some prominence
  • SNAC Social Networks for Archival Context] - these comes from archival records so they can be broader.
  • Archive Grid - links to collections of papers.
  • Library of Congress Name Authority Headings - more likely if they wrote a book
  • Find A Grave - helps if you know where they lived or they had very uncommon name.
  • - we have a subscription
  • Family - genealogy site that has more of us "ordinary" people.
  • - census records, immigration, travel for millions of people, some outside the US.
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