Parent Collection

Parent Collections allow us to create a hierarchical relationship between archives and collections.

The Parent collection refers to a higher level, like a library or archive, that can have multiple collections.


The Library of Congress, Manuscript Division is an archive. Within it are held several archival collections:

  • AFLR-DLC - American Federation of Labor Letterbooks
  • AJBP-DLC - Albert J. Beveridge Papers
  • BFP-DLC - Blackwell Family Papers, 1759-1960
  • BFP-DLC - Breckinridge family papers, 1752-1965
  • CCCP-DLC - Carrie Chapman Catt Papers
  • NDBP-DLC - Newton Diehl Baker Papers, 1896-1962
  • RSBP-DLC - Ray Stannard Baker Papers, 1836-1947
  • SBAP-DLC - Susan B. Anthony Papers, 1846-1934
  • TRP-DLC - Theodore Roosevelt Papers
  • WEBP-DLC - William E. Borah Papers
  • WJBP-DLC - William Jennings Bryan Papers, 1877-1940

In order to link the Library of Congress with a collection, click on the tab that says "Parent Collection" and then choose the collection from the drop down menu. Make sure that all the child collections have the proper code (DLC in the case above) on them.

Once you make the link, the relationship will be shown in the Collection Tree tab of the site, and when you look at the Parent Collection, all related collections will appear in links below.

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