People Identifcations

The JAPP's goal is to identify as many people mentioned in the documents as possible. Some of them are going to be very prominent people, others may be harder to find: family members, friends, Hull House clients, people who wrote to her for help, to criticize or to praise her.

Entering a New Person

When doing document entry, you are only to enter the name and create the record, do not stop what you are doing to do the research.

When you come across a name of an individual, follow these steps:

  1. Figure out if the person already has a record.
  2. If not, create a record for the person.

All the authors and recipients of letters should appear in the microfilm index and the header at the start of the document. Use the name in the index for those. In some cases that is a partial name (ex. Miss Benham (H.H. worker)), often with some note indicating the context. Enter the name for that person as it appears in the index.

When you find the names of people mentioned in the letter, it may be a little more difficult because the names are more likely to be incomplete ("Mary" or "Mr. Johnson"). If you can identify the person referred to use the name in the index, or do a quick web search to confirm the full name.

If there are names that you cannot read or you cannot tell who they are and they are not in the microfilm index, enter the person "Unidentified." Enter it one time, no matter how many names you cannot identify. That will flag the document for an editor to review it.

It is important that we not create duplicate records for the same person.

When NOT to Enter a New Person

We are not transcribing or adding names of people from letterhead.

If you have a document that was sent to Addams that has a long list of people's names do not create names for the new ones. If some of the names are already in our system, then link them. For an example, see

Researching a Person

The basic fields are:

Birth Date
Death Date
Biographical Text

Giving Up

If you have exhausted all resources and can't identify a person, in the description write:

No further information about this person has been found.

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