Processing New Documents

The digital edition will be made up of documents scanned from the JAPM and new documents found in our searches of archives, newspapers, and journals. New documents need to be processed into the digital archive so that we can keep control over them.

Search results come in

Instructions on how to conduct a document search

When the copies come in to the office, we need to make sure we have what we need to add them to the digital edition. You should have:

  • a collection search form filled out by the researcher or by you if it was a mail search.
  • copies or images of the documents


If it is not already there, save the collection search form to the Google Drive

File Format

Some archives will send PDF files of the scans they made. We will convert them to JPG files (300 dpi) for uploading into Omeka.

Use to convert them easily. This will generate either individual jpg files or a zip file with all the pages in one file. Download this file to the /Addams/New Documents folder.Save the jpg scans to the Addams/New Documents folder.

If you have copies, make scans of them (300dpi) and add them to the Addams/New Documents folder.

Crop the scans to the original page size if possible.


Check the digital archive's collection tree to see if this collection has already been entered in the database. Sometimes we find additional materials in a journal or collection, but most of the new documents will be from collections that were not included in the microfilm. Add the collection to the digital archive, making sure to connect it to the parent collection if applicable or add a new parent collection.

If there is no code on the collection search form, add it when you add the collection.

Assign a JAPA number

We use the reel and frame numbers from the JAPM for those documents, but need a unique way to refer to newly added documents. All new documents will have an identifier that starts with JAPA (Jane Addams Papers Additions) and then a consecutive number. We keep a listing in a spreadsheet.

Open the spreadsheet to enter the new documents. JAPA numbers are sequential, so use the next available one on the spreadsheet and enter each document that was copied.

As you assign numbers to the documents, make a copy of the original scan and move it to the JAPA Documents folder and rename it with its number and page number. Pad numbers with zeros when needed to that it is easy to locate the files and they sort nicely.

Write the JAPA numbers on the search report and on the bottom of the first page of the copies so that the editorial assistants know which one is which.


JAPA-0003-01.jpg would be page 1 of JAPA-0003

JAPA-0345-12.jpg would be page 12 of JAPA-0345

Move the original scanned file to the New Documents/Processed subfolder.

File documents by date

File all the new documents in folders by their date.

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