We will track documents that were published in journals and newspapers in item relations. Most of the data will be added in Item Type Metadata.

Dublin Core

Enter the Title of the journal. Do NOT use italics here as it affects the search and sorting.

Item Type Metadata

Select "Publication" to open up the fields used to identify publications.

Enter the Founding date
Enter the Ending date
Enter the Biographical Text
Enter the Bibliography


If you are just entering the journal and no research has been done:

Enter "Incomplete" in the metadata status
Enter "Pending" in the research status


Add a rights-free image of the masthead or a cover. Try to get one close to the date that they associated with Addams if there are a number of choices. If you think you found a better image than the one we have, add it as an additional file.


Add tags that help define the journal's interests. Use Journalism as the default if you don't know any details.


Add a locations best associated with the journal.

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