Relation Field

The relation field allows us to provide information about related materials. This can be a reference to the microfilm edition or to a related document in the digital edition. You can add multiple relations if needed.

When to add a relation:

  • When the document is from the JAPM, provide a citation.
  • When an enclosure is included in the document, provide a link for each one.
  • When the document is a draft and we have the later version, include a link
  • When the document was reprinted and we have the other version, include a link.
  • When a document was enclosed in another document, include a link.


JAPM Reel 6: 1522

For the enclosed letter from Alice Addams Haldeman, see JAPM-06-0345. (insert a link to the show version of the document)

For a draft version written in June 1903, see JAPM-03-0456.

For a reprint published in September 1912 in the Ladies Home Journal, see JAPA-000034.

This letter was enclosed in George Mead to Jane Addams, February 15, 1910, see JAPM-07-0056.

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