Searching Newspapers/Journals

Many of Jane Addams's speeches and articles were published in newspapers and journals around the United States and abroad. We want to include the following in the digital edition:

  • Articles by Jane Addams.
  • Articles about her speeches that contain lots of quotes, rather than a summary.
  • Letters she wrote to the editor or published in any way.
  • Published versions of articles already filmed as typed or handwritten drafts.

We also want to collect articles about her, especially those that provide opinions, describe her appearance and bearing, and give us a better sense of how she was seen by the public at different times.

While you are searching a year of newspapers, you should also work on chrono-research for that year.

Is it New?

Use the JAPM guide (pink) to look up the name of the article or speech to see whether or not it was included on the microfilm. Make sure that the version in the microfilm is the published version—there might be a typed draft of an article, but not the published version.

Digital Newspapers

There are a number of collections of digitized newspapers that can be searched. If you are assigned one to work on, take your time going through each article and deciding if you think we need it.

Use a Repository Search Summary form just as you would any other archive, to make sure that we process each of the documents carefully.

The repository will be the newspaper title (not the database you got it from), and you will not need to provide a collection name. You can ignore the box/folder columns, and just indicate the title and date in the description.

The code will have a N- prefix and the initials of the newspaper.

N-NYT - New York Times

N-CDT - Chicago Daily Tribune

Save the PDF or JPEG files that you download into the New Documents folder on DropBox, and rename the files if needed to something descriptive:



If you have multiple images for the same documents, add -001 etc. to the end of the file name.

AP or Wire articles

Some articles were sent out to a number of different newspapers, and we may find that there are multiple articles that have the same exact text. Sometimes these have different article titles, sometimes they were published on different dates. We only need one of each of these articles, not every version.

  • Chose the earliest one that you can find, if they are all exactly the same.
  • Chose the one published closest to Chicago if there are several published on the same day.
  • If one is more complete that others, choose that one over edited versions.

Digital Journals

Journals are indexed in a number of periodical guides that are now available via databases, but there are others that are digitized in a more stand-alone version. Just like the newspapers, check to make sure that we do not already have the published version in the JAPM.

Also, check to make sure that we have not already gathered it in JAPA. If you check the Google Drive for the search reports, you should see the names of journals. If the one you found is there, check the report to make sure you are not grabbing a duplicate.
Soon, you will be able to check the digital edition directly.

Codes for journals will have a J- prefix:

J-JE - Journal of Education

J-AJS - American Journal of Sociology

Use a Repository Search Summary form just as you would any other archive, to make sure that we process each of the documents carefully.

For journals, the box/folder column can be changed to Vol. and pages. Add the author, title, and date in the Description.

Journals that are not in should be assigned a code starting with J- and the intitals of the journal. If there is another journal with the same initials, add another letter to the last word in the title.

Searching Compilations and Collections

Addams's writing also appeared in edited volumes, compilations of primary sources, and other book-length materials. If we do not have the item, or we have it published in a different format (edited in some way differently) then we should include it.

Compilations will have a C- prefix on their codes:

C-GHW - Gale History of Women

Use a Repository Search Summary form just as you would any other archive, to make sure that we process each of the documents carefully.

Box and folder columns can be changed to pages and item number (if they are numbered). The description should include the author, title, date, and any other publication info we might need.

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