Source Field

For Documents

This field should only be used for published documents to indicate where the document was published. All published documents must have a Source.

Leave this field blank if the document was not published.

Put in as full a citation for a published document as possible.

  • For journals— Author, Article title, journal title Vol.:Issue (date), p. (or pp.) page range.
  • For books — Author, Book title, (City: Publisher, Year), page range (if this is a chapter or other selection)


Jane Addams, "Why Girls Go Wrong," Ladies Home Journal (September 1907), pp. 13-14.

"Jane Addams Pleads for Wayward Girls," New York Times, December 9, 1911, p. 7.

Jane Addams, "The Unexpected Reactions of a Traveler in Egypt," Atlantic Monthly 113 (February 1914), pp. 178-86.

Finding aid, Jane Addams Papers, Swarthmore Peace Collection, Swarthmore College. (if the finding aid is online, link to it).

For Collections

Include a link to the finding aid, ir there is one, in this field, so that the reader can consult it directly. For archives, add a link to their home page.


Finding Aid:

For People/Organizations/Events/Publications

This space should be used to indicate the source of a picture attached to the page.


Picture: Wooldridge, Clifton Rodman. Hands Up! in the World of Crime. Chicago, IL: C.C. Thompson Company, 1906. 4.

A link to the picture should be attached only to the title of the picture.

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