Speeches and Articles

When creating metadata for speeches and articles there are a few additional things that you need to look out for.


Jane Addams often used material for one speech or journal article in another, sometimes almost word for word. We use Item Relations to make connections between them.

Note that because you are usually entering the documents in date order (from the microfilm) sometimes you need to go back and edit a document previously entered when a related text is entered later.

Draft of

In some instances we have the draft of an article or speech, usually typed or more rarely handwritten. If you are able to locate the final version of the speech, use the "Draft of" Item Relation.

Final Version of

When you have the published version of an article, or the speaking text of a speech, along with the draft, use the "Final Version of" item relations.

Related to

If you are not sure of relation—they are similar but it is unclear which is the draft and which the final version, or they have shared chunks of text but are not identical, or if they are summaries or snippets from the same speech, use the "Related to" item relation.

Dating Speeches

The dates on the microfilm frames only relate to the publication date, not necessarily the date that the speech was given. This is particularly common at the start of a year, when many of Addams' speeches were published in book-length conference proceedings.

We want to record the date that the speech was given, if we can locate it. Often times, you can use Newspapers.com to locate press coverage of the conference and determine which day Addams spoke. You can use that date as the document date. Add a note at the end of the description that indicates that this version was published in the conference proceedings.

Newspaper summaries and excerpts of speeches are often also published after the event took place. We want to date the document the date the speech was given. The newspaper publication information will appear in the Source field.

Titles of Speeches

Sometimes the microfilm uses different titles for drafts and summaries of speeches than it does the actual speech itself. The newspaper title might be "Jane Addams Scores Child Labor" but in the text of the document, it will note that the actual speech title was "Some Evils of Child Labor." In this case we will use Some Instances of Child Labor — the newspaper title will appear in the Source field.

If there are multiple titles for the same speech, a draft one, a final one, and perhaps one that refers to the venue (Addams's Speech to the Conference on Charities and Correction" use multiple title fields.

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