Transcription Samples


When transcribing telegrams, follow these procedures:

  • If a telegram is typed in ALL CAPS, type the transcription in ALL CAPS.
  • Ignore all parts of the letterhead except the telegram company name, and distinctions like "NIGHT LETTER" or "TELEGRAM" which indicate different kinds of speed.
  • Do not transcribe the routing code information unless it clearly indicates a place, date, or time that the telegram was sent. In those cases, transcribe ONLY the place, date or time.
  • Transcribe the word RECEIVED on the telegram if a place is written, printed, or stamped on the telegram for the receipt location. Do not include it if there is no information. We consider that just part of the letterhead.

See example below:



Bar Harbor Maine 7
Mrs. Raymond Robbins,

1437 W Ohio St.

Impossible to go to California have speaking engagement on suffrage in Wisconsin first week in October then I go to Colorado cannot speak in Illinois before October fifteenth.

Jane Addams.

306 pm.


For more samples see the digital edition.

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